Rosie Lieberman

My Story

Hi there, my name is Rosie Lieberman and I am a watercolour artist. I specialise in giving you the opportunity to celebrate a friend or loved-one with a truly personal present to show how unique they are and how much they mean to you.

small portrait .jpeg

I fell in love with watercolour painting whilst studying Veterinary Medicine and I continued to exhibit and sell paintings whilst working as a Veterinary Surgeon in the UK, being particularly inspired by animals and nature around me. 


My artistic journey took an unexpected turn, however, when I discovered face painting during an open day at our Veterinary Practice where I was asked to man the face painting ‘stall’. Actually, there was just a cup with water, one misshapen brush, a small palette of cheap face paints and 2 tiny chairs. With zero experience but always up for a challenge I agreed to do it. 


I had the best afternoon at work that I had ever had! Creating smiles and joy with a few quick flicks of the brush and a splash of colour was a million miles away from squeezing the stinky ends of beloved pets and giving owners sad (or expensive) news. 

Excited by this new means of expression and thinking of the happiness I could create with face art, it quickly became a passion. In 2015, and by this time living in Leipzig, Germany with my young family, I started my own professional face painting service. I soon became a highly respected painter within the international face-painting community, winning many prizes in online face painting competitions. In 2020 I was honoured to become a resident face painting instructor at the International Face Painting School. I guided students in painting techniques and balanced and harmonious design creation. I organised face painting courses of my own and I was also invited to be a tutor at several face painting conferences worldwide. 


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During these extraordinary pandemic times many people have faced huge changes in their life. For face painters like myself our world has changed beyond recognition. We are no longer able to spread joy and happiness through our art. Yet this is precisely the time we all need more hope, joy and beauty. I am therefore grateful that, during this very difficult time, I have had the chance to reconnect with my watercolour paints and brushes and rekindle my passion for this medium. 


I now create paintings full of colour, hope, innocence, beauty and humour. They are intended to bring joy which lasts a lifetime. 


This, in turn, fills me with joy and hope. I hope you enjoy them.