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Ginger the cat, who is a regular in my work, is loosely based on my own cat, Timothy. 

Timothy was one of those cats who had the uncanny ability to sense whenever I needed a cuddle. But he was equally astute at knowing when it was more important to go outside and oversee the proceedings in the garden. He would cooly investigate any interesting new occurrences, always with a steadfast, unflappable demeanour. Nothing surprised him. Yet one of his looks could say it all.

As an artist my work centres on the celebration of human individuality. I am fascinated with what makes people tick. What have they experienced in life to make them who they are today? What are their passions and how do they influence their personality? 

The quest was on to find a way I could create pieces of art to help encapsulate these sentiments and help others celebrate loved-ones.

I realised that experiencing the world through Ginger's (Timothy's) understated, peaceful eyes could be entertaining, expressive and unique. Now with my commissioned Ginger paintings I can help celebrate a person's individuality in a fun and timeless way.

Ginger also helps us celebrate the importance of nature, friendship and innocent days of just hanging around in the garden.


Thank you Timothy.

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