Hi there, my name is Rosie Lieberman and I am a watercolour artist. I specialise in giving you the opportunity to celebrate a friend or loved-one with a truly personal present to show how unique they are and how much they mean to you.

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I loved drawing and painting from a very early age, progressing through the years from copying my favourite Mr. Men characters to becoming more interested in the natural world. I credit my paternal grandmother, herself an accomplished artist, for nurturing my interest in art and teaching me how to carefully observe shadows and balance colours. 


Whilst working as a veterinary surgeon in the UK I successfully exhibited and sold paintings in local exhibitions, concentrating mainly on landscapes and animals but also painting large, abstracts works. However, I was struggling to understand what place and purpose my art had in the world. 


A chance encounter at our surgery open day led me to the wonderfully colourful world of face painting. I was immediately hooked on the idea that my art could create joy and happiness for others. During my 7 years as a professional face painter I must have made thousands of people smile! 






After a move to Leipzig in Germany with my young family I also became a certified face painting instructor at the prestigious International Face Painting School. I guided students at the school, as well as at my own, private courses in Leipzig, through the learning of painting techniques and how to create balanced, eye-catching designs. By training the next generation of face painters I felt I was also helping to spreading the joy. 

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Face painting is a very transient art form and I gradually felt like I needed to find a way to make my art more permanent for my clients. For them to have a keepsake which would bring them a spark of happiness for years to come. There is so much negativity in the world and it is easy to get overwhelmed with, and influenced by, these external forces. It became clear to me my ‘why’ was to create pieces of art to lift someone’s spirits, to remind them of their uniqueness and importance. To help them celebrate nature, friendship, humour and innocent days of just hanging about in the garden. 

I now make bespoke pieces of art for individuals which they can treasure for a lifetime. I hope you like them.

Love in a Square